Part 2: What’s all the fuss about this marijuana stuff?

This blog has provided some basic information about the various routes of administration of cannabis, how to begin understanding the labels of cannabis products, encouragement to understand what type of product and in what ratio(s) may be most helpful, and how to determine the lowest effective dosage.

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Cold Laser Therapy

“I’ve tried various prescriptions for this pain. How can a laser help?” Often I am confronted with this and other similar questions regarding post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) and other types of nerve pain. I have had the pleasure of seeing patients’ smiling faces when they begin having a decrease and/or resolution of nerve pain. Cold laser […]

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Is your life all work and no play?

 Is your life all work and no play?   When was the last time you did something enjoyable just for yourself?  Spent the day relaxing comfortably all alone? Or spent quality 1 on 1 time with a close friend content in just being together, talking, walking, wondering about life in general? When did you last spend […]

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Dealing with Insurance Hurdles

I came across this pdf flyer regarding insurance issues and suggestions of how to work through them. This was put together by the Patient Advocate Organization. Click the link below. It is written in a easy to read brief that there is little for me to add! Great resource in the time of trying insurance […]

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